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Sober Living in Woodland Hills, CA

Sober Living Options in Woodland Hills

When someone is working toward sobriety, they often start in inpatient treatment. This is a facility where people live for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. While there, they interact with others who are trying to attain sobriety while also working with trained professionals such as therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors who can help them better understand how they can work toward sobriety.

Eventually, people are going to leave the world of inpatient treatment and transition back to the outside world. During this time, it can be hard for someone to adjust back to daily life, especially while trying to fight the temptation of relapse. Sober living can be an effective form of addiction treatment and therapy that can help someone reinforce the lessons that were learned during detox, rehab, outpatient rehab, and sober living in Woodland Hills, CA. There are a few points that everyone should know when it comes to sober living services.

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What is Sober Living?

Sober living is a great option for people to alleviate many of the worries they have about entering back into everyday life. For many people, a sober living home is a great place to get used to sobriety while reinforcing many of the strategies that were learned in inpatient drug rehab.

A sober living home is not going to provide the same type of structure as an inpatient facility. People who are at a sober living facility can still go about their everyday lives spending time with work colleagues, friends and families; however, a sober living home does provide someone a safe place to return to while they continue to develop coping skills and learn healthy habits that can be effective in maintaining sobriety.

While at an inpatient facility, patients are typically completely consumed with their rehab work. They don’t have much else to think about. In a sober living home, all of this will change. While someone is at a sober living home, they are not bound to the campus. Everyone is able to come and go as they please. This is a great way for someone to ease back into normal life and resume his or her daily activities. Even though these homes are far less restrictive than an inpatient facility, there are still some rules and regulations by which someone must follow.

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The Benefits of Sober Living in Woodland Hills, CA

If someone chooses to join a sober living home once leaving the inpatient world, there are a number of benefits to remember. First, there will be an opportunity to attend a 12-step program. For many people, this is essential on the road to recovery as it provides someone a tangible guide by which they can measure their success.

A sober living home is also going to provide an opportunity to generate a sober fellowship. Many people who are seeking addiction treatment in Los Angeles have developed friendships that surround addiction. Once these relationships disappear, it can be a lonely feeling. This sober fellowship helps remind someone that he or she is not alone. These are positive friendships that can help someone fight to refrain from using alcohol or drugs.

A sober living home will also create a sense of accountability. It is important for everyone to hold each other accountable because this will help reinforce many of the strategies and therapies that are worked on during treatment sessions both in the inpatient and outpatient worlds. Finally, a sober living home will improve someone’s chances of staying sober. As this is the ultimate goal of sober living in Woodland Hills, it is critical for everyone to use every resource available to maintain sobriety.

sober living in woodland hills

Struggling with addiction?

All American Detox Center works with trusted sober living homes in Woodland Hills. We work with most major insurance providers and are here to help anyone who is struggling with substance abuse. Pick up the phone and call us or request a callback now.

We work with quality sober living homes

With our aftercare planning services, we can help you and your loved ones with addiction treatment in a number of ways. In addition to our professional team who can act as an extension of the addiction treatment techniques used in the inpatient world, we can also help patients:

  • Make amends with family members and friends who might have been affected by someone’s substance abuse issues
  • Help someone find a job if this is necessary following addiction treatment
  • Assist someone in finding new housing if necessary
  • Provide assistance in adjusting to living a life of sobriety in an unstructured world

Count on our trusted sober living partners in Woodland Hills to help you maintain sobriety after leaving inpatient treatment.

Maintain long-term recovery in sober living in woodland hills

At All American Detox, we are a drug & alcohol rehab program located in Woodland Hills, CA. We provide detox, residential inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare treatment to help all of our patients overcome addiction. Our goal is to blend traditional, proven treatment methods with new, innovative, modern therapies that can help our clients overcome the bonds of addiction for good. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.


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