Peer influence, irrational thinking, and a need for adventure are the features of teenagers. Often, these reasons also lead to alcohol and drug abuse in teens. It can become a grave concern for the parent and loved ones. You can prevent your teen from underage drinking and alcohol addiction. Read more on  5 Ways to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Your Teen:

Help Your Teen to Fight Alcohol or Drug Abuse:

Teenage alcohol or substance abuse has harmful consequences. Uncontrollable dependence at an early age demands immediate treatment. Call All American Detox and seek help for addiction treatment for your teen or family member or dear one.

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Factsheet on Teen Drug Abuse:

A 2018 study of teens between the age group of 14 to 18 shows that:

  • 30 % of teens use illicit drugs
  • About 12% abuse alcohol

Reasons for Alcohol and Drug Abuse:

Several factors instigate underage drinking and drug abuse. A few of them are listed below:

  • Desire to experiment with new things
  • Family history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Broken family (parental divorce)
  • Broken relationships (with friends or family or romantic partners)
  • Anxiety (due to issues concerning school, career,  money, parental death, making friend

5 ways to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in teens - All American

5 Ways to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Your Teens

1. Develop a Family bond:
Most teens crave attention and love. Studies show that teens with bad family relationships or broken families are highly likely to binge on alcohol or drugs. Give them the attention and love they deserve! Be available for them, have open talks, and device-free family time. Listen to them and understand their point of view. This rapport can allow scope for healthy conversations such as the perils of substance use disorder.

2. Monitor the Intake of prescription drugs and Alcohol
Opiates (such as Heroin, Methadone) and Benzos (such as Xanax) are the most abused prescription drugs among teens. Secondly, teens develop underage drinking due to its easy availability. Keep a close tab of the doctor’s prescriptions in your house. Keeping a check on their intake of pain killers and alcohol can prevent the teen from developing drug/alcohol abuse. Active parental involvement in their activities also helps. For alcohol and drug dependence issues, it is advisable to contact a reliable drug rehab center near you.

3. Teach coping mechanisms for stress
Teenagers are on a growth spurt due to puberty. This induces emotional and physical stress. Also, parents, school teachers, peers, romantic partners, and other loved ones can induce more emotional stress. Sometimes, these sudden changes can make them impulsive. Drugs or alcohol abuse most often begins as an impulsive trial. In these times, an understanding and friendly parent can make a whole lot of difference to help the teen tackle their stress or anxiety. Enroll your teen in a drug rehab center and benefit from individual and family therapy.

4. Practice what you preach
In most cases, a case history of teenage drug or alcohol abuse reveals a family history of alcohol or drug abuse. Lead your teen by example. Be their role model in the true sense. Be open to honest communication! Be ready to discuss your habits and behaviors. Enrolling in a residential inpatient program will also help!

5. Check on peer activities
Teenagers face huge peer pressure. Studies show that peer pressure is one of the major reasons for alcohol or drug abuse by teens. Develop a friendly rapport with your teen and educate them on ways to resist peer pressure. Know your teen’s friend circle and keep a tab on their activities. Set certain rules and reward your teen regularly for their good behavior! Opt for drug and alcohol addiction treatment that will counsel you to help your teen overcome alcohol abuse.

Addiction Treatment For Teens Struggling With Substance Abuse

If you feel your teen is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, or if their drug use is becoming more serious, it is time to get treatment. Speak with a counselor at your child’s school or one of our drug abuse counselors. Check out our other blogs to learn more about how to keep your teen from misusing drugs or alcohol. You can reach out to us by calling us on +1-844-570-1301.

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