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Yes, All American Detox Center  accepts insurance mostly PPO or Private Insurances. You can easily verify your insurance by filling the form on our admission page.

Drug and alcohol addicts battle with withdrawal symptoms, which is why medical detox is so vital in addiction treatment. This treatment includes 24-hour medical care and monitoring, and access to life-saving technology.

 Detoxing from alcohol or drugs requires both the removal of toxic substances from the body and the management of withdrawal symptoms. 24 hours is the maximum time the drug alcohol detoxification takes. 

The minimum duration for staying in a drug rehab centre is 30 days.

We are located in Woodland Hills, California. We are one of the popular drug rehab center California.

A residential inpatient treatment program is a drug rehabilitation program that helps in addiction treatment. It permits the patient who faces drug abuse to make them in a relaxed zone. Ultimately these programs would assist you to regain control of your life.

The cost of drug rehabilitation varies from person to person, based on several factors. Please contact us directly if you’d need a more precise estimate of how much our drug detox program will cost you.

People who get inpatient drug treatment have access to medical and emotional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is the fundamental distinction between inpatient and outpatient programs. Patients who receive residential inpatient struggles with drug addiction to reside in a relaxing environment while detoxing from drugs treatment.

Visiting a patient in drug rehab center California, is the actual call of the therapist. Therefore, the member needs to conduct a communication with them and ask for permission.

Comfy clothing and things that would enable treatment should be packed. Carry soft, flexible clothing always with you like pyjamas, underwear, socks, modest sweater or blazer are all the essentials while staying in drug detox center.

Yes, you can work on a remote basis.

 Yes, you can bring your cell phone to the American Detox Center.

 Yes, money is required during a stay in a drug detox center.

Yes, you can send or receive mail or packages at the time of staying at a drug rehab center.

Your treatment providers will review all of your current medications upon arrival. So, it depends.

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