Recovery is a process. A journey.

It’s incremental daily change en route to what will feel like a miraculous, instant transformation when looking back. It’s changing the entire way in which you perceive and interact with the world.

Seeking recovery – and, crucially, accepting help – is about regaining control of your life. Changing the story and writing new chapters you can feel proud of.

But not everyone can get there on their own, and that’s ok, drug rehab centers Calabasas like All American Detox Center are here for that very reason. Addiction is an incredibly powerful disease and there’s no need to be a hero trying to fight it alone. The destination may be the same but the road you take to get there doesn’t have to be so rough and lonely.

What Is a Rehab Center?

In a nutshell, a  drug rehab center calabasas is a place you go to receive specialized treatment for substance use disorders.

They mainly vary in the scope of what they treat and the methods they utilize to achieve those results so it’s imperative to do your research before committing to one.

Nonetheless, the goals are the same; to get you clean and equip you with the tools to healthily deal with whatever life throws your way rather than resorting to drugs or alcohol to cope.

As far as scope, while addiction is a chronic brain disorder with some similar manifestations across all people, the substance you or a loved one is addicted to matters when seeking treatment. That’s because some treatment facilities will specialize in working with patients that are addicted to specific substances. Why? There are several reasons but think of it this way, perhaps it’s helpful for those in rehab to be surrounded by others who genuinely understand the exact thing they’re going through with respect to opioids, for example.

Some rehab centers will strictly adhere to more evidence-based methods. Generally, that means talk therapy in both group and individual settings where you work with trained addiction specialists, counselors, psychiatrists, and/or psychologists to dig deep into how you came to be addicted and work to change the thought patterns associated with that. The most well-researched type of psychotherapy is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and given its reputation as being the gold standard, many rehabs utilize it. On the other hand, there are treatment centers in Calabasas that lean more heavily on alternative therapies.

Additionally, some rehabs can be gender-specific, others may focus on particular age groups and of course, they can vary in terms of the level of luxury and location.

Drug Rehab Center in Calabasas

Without addiction treatment at a Calabasas rehab center, chronic, regular drug and alcohol use can lead to dangerous and sometimes irreversible physical and psychological health effects. Although attending treatment is a challenging decision, obtaining expert assistance and counselling from the therapy team at Inneractions in Calabasas may help you overcome addiction safely.

All American Detox Center is one of the best drug & alcohol rehab center based in Woodland Hills, California providing detoxification and residential inpatient treatment services. All American Detox works with most major PPO & PSO insurance policies.

How Calabasas Rehab Centers Can Help You Overcome Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

cabasas rehab center

As far as how rehab centers in Calabasas and elsewhere can help you overcome addiction, broadly speaking the steps are these:

Detox at Calabasas

Addiction may be classed as a brain disorder but before treating the mental part, you have to break the body’s dependency. That’s what detox is, it’s the process of getting the drug detoxification done.

Residential Inpatient Care at Calabasas

The next step depends on the severity of your addiction, if it’s on the more intense side, residential inpatient rehab is the route for you. With this type of rehab, you live at the treatment center and devote all your energy and focus to your customized rehab program.

Outpatient Care

You can transition to outpatient rehab after finishing inpatient care or you can start with it if your addiction isn’t quite that severe. It’s all the same types of treatment you’d find with inpatient care but without the requirement to live in.

Aftercare & Sober Living 

Aftercare is what comes after your time in outpatient care and it’s essentially ongoing care. It can be anything from alumni clubs that some rehabs have to continued therapy or support groups. Sober living homes are places you can live after treatment that function as something of a transition back to your day-to-day life. There are rules to living in them and often a requirement to attend support group meetings, as well they can be great options for meeting sober-minded people to build out your support network.

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If you’re ready to embark on your own journey of recovery or have questions for a friend/family member, reach out to us at All American Detox Center and get help with calabasas evidence based rehab.

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