Once you’ve decided that getting sober is a priority, the next steps can feel daunting because they all stem from an important question: how?

It’s the rarest of birds that can quit cold turkey and just go on about their business. For many, for the vast majority, in fact, ridding themselves of alcohol is no easy task. The body grows dependent on the drink to feel “normal” and when you stop drinking the withdrawal symptoms start to kick in quickly. So, what do you do? You go back for more, of course.

That’s the cycle of addiction and it’s tough to break on your own. It’s why All American Detox Center exists. Breaking free from addiction often requires motivation and guidance outside of yourself and help from trained professionals goes a long way in setting you on the right path.

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What Are Alcohol Addiction Centers?

Alcohol addiction centers are a dedicated place to focus on freeing yourself from the hold of drinking. They vary in treatment methods and approaches and the types of rehab they offer. Finding the right one for you is a matter of doing the research.

The first order of business at all of them will be detox. Recovery can’t begin until all the toxins are vanquished from your body. Naturally, this can be unpleasant as you’re forced to go through withdrawal and the symptoms that come with it. In the cases of more serious addiction and abuse of alcohol, those symptoms can even become life-threatening.

Given that, it’s best to detox at a treatment center where you’re under the care and watchful eye of medical supervision and can be administered medication to alleviate some of the worst parts of the process.

Once that phase is complete and your body is cleaned out, you can begin the work of untangling and healing the mind. Getting to the root of the causes of alcoholism and the why of it all.

Next, it’s crucial to understand the different types of treatment that are available:

Residential Inpatient – This is the one folks most strongly associate with the word “rehab”. You stay in the facility for a set amount of time, based on your needs, and go through a customized program. The emphasis is usually on counseling, one on one sessions, and group therapy. In an inpatient setting, all distractions are removed and you focus 100% on rehab.

Outpatient & Aftercare – Similar to inpatient in terms of what goes on, and basically an extension of that treatment, but you don’t live in the treatment center. You’re free to come and go and live your life as normal. It’s less intensive and a good transitionary tool to get you comfortably back to your real-life after a stay in inpatient care.

Sober Living – The closest to your regular, day-to-day life, sober living homes are places that are free of substances and a place in which you live with others who are going through the same journey. You’ll also be able to continue working with therapists, counselors, etc. to help keep you on track.

At All American Detox, we offer residential inpatient, outpatient & aftercare options. We partner up with a number of sober livings as well. You can call on our recovery helpline number.

How Do They Help Me with My Addiction?

Treatment centers like ours help with addiction by creating tailored recovery programs that start with getting a truly deep understanding of your needs and goals. As alluded to at the top, going it alone with detox and recovery is oftentimes a tough mountain to climb on your own, rehab centers work to alleviate that pressure and surround you with trained professionals, comprising a multidisciplinary team, who recognize where you’re coming from and how to get you where you want to be: sober.

Reach out to us at our inpatient drug rehab and discover if we’re the right alcohol addiction center for you.

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