The phrase “game-changer” gets tossed around a lot and often it’s with gross exaggeration or hyperbole. Like guac at Chipotle is great but is it a game-changer? Maybe for your lunch, it is but for your life, not so much. Now quitting alcohol, on the other hand, is something that truly deserves the mantle of game-changer. It’s not always simple to stop drinking, especially if you’ve been abusing alcohol for a long time. However, there are many health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol both mental and physical.

It’s the kind of all-around big deal that makes you look back at the hard and arduous work of getting to the promised land of sobriety and know it was completely worth the effort.

At All American Detox – Detox in California, we know that firsthand. With 30 plus years of treating substance abuse and a team of dedicated staff to motivate you to reach your goals, we understand what it takes to get you free from the hold of alcohol.

There are several ways to relax without alcohol and the benefits of quitting drinking alcohol are downright plentiful and touch everything, both physically and mentally, in your life. After getting through the process of withdrawal and detox and going through treatment, they add up fast. Let’s discuss the Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol for mental and physical.

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Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol for Your Physical Health

Honestly, this list could on and on, on benefits of quitting drinking alcohol for your physical health, but we’ll exercise some restraint and share a few of the highlights:

Feeling Better:
Alcohol is essentially a toxin and it’s tough on the body so, on a sort of basic, all-encompassing level, you’ll feel better and have a higher level of energy to work with.

Weight Loss:
Drinking isn’t exactly a calorie-free vice. Depending on what you drink, alcohol is loaded with carbs, sugars, and empty calories that turn to fat. Often eating goes hand in hand with drinking. Without the drinks and the excess food, there’s a good chance you’ll slim down.

Better Skin and a More Youthful Look:
Alcohol ages you. It pulls moisture from the skin and dehydrates the body which causes inflammation, flushed skin, puffiness, wrinkles. Simply put, if you want to look younger, drop the drink. Sobriety, quite literally, looks good on you.

Quality Sleep :
When you pass out from drinking, you’re not actually getting good sleep. Alcohol interferes with your sleep-wake cycle and without it, you’ll get deeper, more restful snoozing.

Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol for Your Mental Health

As with the physical benefits of quitting alcohol, there are plenty of positives to quitting alcohol on your mental well-being as well:

Improved Mental Health:
Alcoholism often co-occurs with other mental illnesses, working through a dual diagnosis in rehab allows you to tackle both substance abuse and the comorbidity which ultimately sets you up with significantly improved mental health and coping strategies.

Better Memory and Cognition:
Blacking out obviously creates gaps in your memory but beyond that, excessive alcohol use can damage the hippocampus, a part of the brain crucial to memory and thinking. Quitting the drink helps restore that.

Emotional Stability:
Alcohol changes your mood. Every night drinking can be a rollercoaster, what starts as a few drinks to lift the spirit or gain some confidence, can easily swing into anger, impulsiveness, violence, and more. Without booze, you can operate on an even keel at all times.

Know Yourself Better:
Without the crutch of alcohol, you’re forced to meet yourself again. Heavy alcohol use is related to all sorts of things, like avoidance of thoughts/feelings, a coping mechanism, something to calm the nerves, etc. What it’s not used for is understanding yourself and healthily dealing with issues. Quitting alcohol means you’re able to finally get comfortable in your own skin and feel like you’re fully in control of your own life again.

How All American Detox Can Help You With an Alcohol Problem

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Quitting alcohol drinking problems aren’t easy to overcome on your own. The pull of the drink is just that strong and withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop, are just that overpowering. So, you go back for more.

From alcohol detox to residential inpatient treatment, you can achieve the sobriety you long for at All American Detox. Get in touch with us today, take the weight of alcohol off your shoulders and live all the benefits of an alcohol-free life that you or a loved one so richly deserves. You can reach out to us by clicking on the following number +1-844-570-1301.

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