How to Deal With the Emotions of Early Sobriety

How to Deal With the Emotions of Early Sobriety

Early sobriety can be one of the most challenging parts of addiction recovery. Learning how to live a sober life can be intimidating because it will be unfamiliar to you, but have no fear! Early sobriety is only temporary.  Learn here how to deal with emotions of early sobriety.

At All American Detox, we want to help prepare you for the challenges that come with early sobriety. With knowledge and awareness, we’re confident that you can navigate through these times safely and smoothly. 

Emotions You’ll Experience 

Your emotions are probably going to be a little difficult to control when you first enter recovery. Some people even develop an addiction because they feel like they need help handling their emotions. Drugs and alcohol have a numbing effect on emotions; when you’re high and inebriated, you aren’t aware of how you’re actually feeling. 

By bringing awareness to the fact that you will feel uncomfortable at times in early sobriety, you’ll be able to better handle your emotions. Most people in early recovery experience various emotions such as sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, and confusion at one point or another. This is all common. 

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Other Feelings to Expect

Knowing what to expect will help you deal with the challenges you may face in early sobriety. Regardless of the severity of your addiction, below are some common feelings recovering addicts experience:

  • Cravings:
    Also known as the urge to use drugs or alcohol. When your body is used to consuming drugs or alcohol, it will continue to want them when you stop taking them. A healthy distraction like going for a run or writing in a journal is a great way to fight off cravings. You can also confide in a sober companion that you’re experiencing cravings. Talking about it will help you get through it.
  • Heightened emotions:
    Now that you’re sober and in recovery, you are going to feel things again, like the emotions mentioned above. If you completed inpatient treatment, you can continue to use the tools you learned there in early recovery. If you haven’t completed an addiction treatment program, individual and group therapy are utilized to help addicts manage their emotions during life in recovery. Finding a local therapist or attending 12-step meetings are two great ways to help combat negative emotions.
  • Irritability:
    Also known as being cranky. You may not be in the best mood during early sobriety and a lot of that will be due to the fact that you don’t feel like yourself. It may seem daunting at first to have to refigure out who you are and what you like to do now that you’re sober and living in recovery, but it should also be exciting! Now that you’re no longer numbing yourself with drugs or alcohol, you can find joy in life again. You can use your irritability and uncomfortability to motivate you to find a hobby or a job you’re passionate about. 

How to deal with the emotions of early sobriety - All American

How to Overcome These Challenges

There are a few things you can do to overcome the challenges of life in sobriety. One suggestion we have is finding support in others. Attending a 12-step group or having a sober friend you can call at any time who understands what you’re going through will help immensely with all of the uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Setting goals and developing healthy coping skills are also important. When you actively try to achieve a goal, you have something to look forward to. It will also give you a sense of purpose. Feelings of loneliness and crankiness will diminish when you have self-worth and feel like you matter. Some healthy coping skills you can utilize are meditation, yoga, talk therapy, and exercise which will help you in How to Deal With the Emotions of Early Sobriety.

Get Help At All American Detox

At All American Detox, we offer residential inpatient treatment in Woodland Hills, CA. Our services include a variety of addiction treatments, including detox, inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and aftercare rehab services. We work hard to help you get sober and maintain sobriety. One way we do this is by emphasizing the challenges you may face in early sobriety. Call now: (844) 570-1301 learn more about how you can get sober with our help at All American Detox. 

What Things To Do in Los Angeles When You’re Sober

What To Do in Los Angeles When You’re Sober

The journey toward addiction recovery is a long road filled with numerous twists and turns and happens to be different for everyone. The ultimate goal of sobriety is less of a destination and more of an experience. At All American Detox, we’re here to tell you Los Angeles is a great city to seek addiction treatment in, and even a better city to live in afterward. The LA community has a lot to offer for a post-treatment life. Let’s read below about What to do in Los Angeles when you are sober?

At All American Detox, we are a caring drug & alcohol treatment service located in the beautiful setting of Woodland Hills, CA. We offer drug alcohol detoxification, residential inpatient treatment for drug abuse and addiction.

Sobriety in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the country. Second in population only to New York City, you can find your niche on the West Coast. With a massive community composed of all different kinds of people, you’ll have the opportunity to start fresh here sobriety in Los Angeles. You can make new friends in sobriety and find support groups that will help you maintain your sobriety and enjoy your life ahead.

Why You Should Get Sober in Los Angeles

what to do in los angeles when you are sober

There are a number of benefits that come with getting sober in Los Angeles. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Distance:
    Distance is an important part of the recovery process. When people seek addiction treatment, they naturally look close to home at first. This is because people are afraid of change and like familiar settings; however, when it comes to addiction recovery, distance is exactly what people need. They need to separate themselves from the environment that led to addiction. By traveling to LA, people can do exactly that.
  • Weather:
    While it is often overlooked, the weather is one of the most important factors in the recovery process. When someone is trying to focus on themselves, the other stressors need to fall by the wayside. Without extreme cold or heat, people are likely going to feel comfortable in LA. This makes it easier to focus on the recovery process.
  • Professionals:
    Finally, Los Angeles is home to some of the country’s leading professionals in the world of addiction and mental health. Addiction can impact anyone, including celebrities. This has led to a burgeoning community that can use both modern therapies and innovative treatment methods to help people recover.

Sober Things To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect place to enjoy your new sober life. Some fun activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol are:

  • Hiking:
    Los Angeles is home to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. There is an endless expanse of hiking trails for those who love the outdoors. Because the weather is so beautiful and ranged from about 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, these trails are accessible during the entire year.
  • Tourism:
    Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Los Angeles and there is plenty for people to see. Between Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory, and all of the beaches, you’ll have plenty of things to do in Los Angeles when you are sober.
  • Focus on wellness:
    LA definitely focuses on wellness. There is plenty of organic grocery stores, yoga and meditation studios, gyms, and vegan restaurants. A big part of sobriety is taking care of your health so you can feel your best. LA makes it very easy to be healthy. So these are the things to do in Los Angeles when you are sober and also want to stay sober in your life ahead.

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